Cost Savings

The Royrack Select-A-Matt Rack System was developed to help your business achieve higher profit margins. Our mattresses racks are mechanically controlled to help you lower and lift mattresses with extreme ease. The mattress display racks can be made to tip to the left or to the right; can accommodate twin mattresses, full mattresses, queen mattresses and even king mattresses; can be manufactured to hold a mattress of any thickness; and mattresses can be stored on their side so when in display position you can have access from both sides.

Select-A-Matt will increase your profit margins by giving your customers more choices. You’ll be able to display twice as many mattresses in half the amount of space! See a cost savings spread sheet below to see how YOU could be savings money on floor space alone!

Ready To Get Started?

All RoyRack Select-A-Matt Mattress Storage and Display systems are custom built to order so we can provide you with the best solution for your environment.  Please contact us today for pricing, orders and more information.