About Us

Thank you for visiting to learn more about Royrack and Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display Racks. Roy Konrath, President and Owner of Royrack, LLC. is excited to share his revolutionary mattress storage and display system with you!

Roy started his professional life by earning an Associates Degree in Electromechanical Technology and has always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. He has been self-employed for most of his adult life and has spent over 20 years in the furniture retail business.

One day, Roy was talking to a mattress representative about the amount of square footage the mattress industry requires, and that some retail companies do not have enough room for all the mattresses they want to keep in stock. Then it happened, he said, “Roy if you could invent a mattress storage and display system, you could revolutionize the industry!” The rest is history!

Royrack is bringing shelving to the mattress industry with the new Select-A-Mat Display and Storage System.  Traditional storage displays often require consumers to test a plastic wrapped mattress directly on the concrete floor Рbut the Select-a-Mat system features a built-in frame and fold out legs, which allow bedding retailers and big box stores to offer a convenient, more productive rest-test experience.  Its unique engineering maximizes floor spaces spaces and includes an adjustable piston to accommodate different size mattresses.