Select-A-Mat Allows you to get into the Mattress Business with the Space you Have

Mattress Racking System

Have a larger mattress selection in your store by using the Select-A-Mat mattress storage and display rack system. Our mattress racking system provides many benefits for retail furniture stores.

Mattress Storage Systems

How Much Space can Select-A-Mat Save You?

16 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
260 sq. feet

32 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
520 sq. feet

16 Twin Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
184 sq. feet

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Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage & Display Rack

Our Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display Rack is a brand new way to reclaim your retail store from the constraints of bulky mattress displays. Select-A-Mat's patent pending design provides a better way:

  • For customers to test out mattresses - quickly and safely
  • Store twice as many mattresses in half the amount of retail space
  • Reduce Worker's Comp and Liability claims; Select-A-Mat is safer
  • Increase your in-store mattress options to increase your profit margin
  • Free up valuable retail floor space for other uses
  • Display six mattresses in the space a single queen mattress takes
  • Each self standing mattress rack holds two mattresses

Bottom Line: Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display Racks
save you time, space, money, and is safer.

Inadequate Mattress Displays Are . . .

  • Difficult to move around
  • Time consuming
  • Can cause injury 
  • Add up to lost profits!

Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage Changes The Game . . .

Our racks are proudly made to help your business achieve higher profit margins.  Our mattresses racks are mechanically controlled to help you lower and lift mattresses with extreme ease.  The mattress display racks can be made to tip to the left or to the right; can accommodate twin mattresses, full mattresses, queen mattresses and even king mattresses; can be manufactured to hold a mattress of any thickness; and mattresses can be stored on their side so when in display position you can have access from both sides.

Mattress Storage That Empowers . . .

Select-A-Mat allows you to get into the mattress business with the retail floor space you have.   Our mattress rack system allows you to dramatically increase the number of mattress displays your retail store can hold.  Or if you are looking to free up valuable showroom floor space, Select-A-Mat can help you reclaim wasted space.

Select-A-Mat will increase your profit margins by giving your customers more choices.  You'll be able to display twice as many mattresses in half the amount of space!

Ready To Get Started?

All RoyRack Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display systems are custom built to order so we can provide you with the best solution for your environment.  Please contact us at 262-271-5135 for pricing, orders and more information.