Select-A-Mat Allows you to get into the Mattress Business with the Space you Have

Mattress Racking System

Have a larger mattress selection in your store by using the Select-A-Mat mattress storage and display rack system. Our mattress racking system provides many benefits for retail furniture stores.

Mattress Storage Systems

How Much Space can Select-A-Mat Save You?

16 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
260 sq. feet

32 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
520 sq. feet

16 Twin Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
184 sq. feet

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About RoyRack, LLC & Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage

I am Roy Konrath, President / Owner of Royrack, LLC.  Thanks for visiting to learn more about Royrack and Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display Racks.  I started my professional life by earning an Associates Degree in Electromechanical Technology and have always been driven by an entrepreneurial spirit.  I've been self-employed for most of my adult life.  During that time, I've spent over 20 years in sales. 

I consider myself a salesman who's never "sold" anything - instead, what I do is help people find what they need at the best value.

I've been in the furniture retail business for the last few years.  One day I was talking to a mattress representative.   We were discussing the amount of square footage the mattress industry requires, and that some retail companies do not have enough room for all the mattresses they want to carry.  I remember very clearly, he said, "Roy if you could invent a mattress storage and display system, you could revolutionize the industry!"

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Select-A-Mat, a REVOLUTIONARY mattress storage and display system.  

Let The Revolution Begin!!!