Select-A-Mat Allows you to get into the Mattress Business with the Space you Have

How Much Space can Select-A-Mat Save You?

16 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
260 sq. feet

32 Queen Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
520 sq. feet

16 Twin Mattresses
Stored and Displayed within
184 sq. feet

Select-A-Mat Cost Savings Calculator

Click the above excel icon to download our Cost Savings Calculator to see how much you could save by implementing Royrack Select-A-Mat!

16 Queen

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32 Queen

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16 Twin

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Mattress Racking System

Have a larger mattress selection in your store by using the Select-A-Mat mattress storage and display rack system. Our mattress racking system provides many benefits for retail furniture stores.

Mattress Storage Systems

Select-A-Mat - Mattress Storage & Display Rack

Selling mattresses can be cumbersome.  Mattresses are big, bulky, take up precious retail floor space, and can even lead to injury of employees or customers!  The Select-A-Mat Mattress Storage and Display Rack system is the answer.   

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New Damper Feature - Prevents the mattress and rack from falling too quickly!

See how easy Select-A-Mat Mattress is to use - watch 9-Year old Emily lower and raise a mattress.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying ...

"When I had the old style mattress rack in my store, we had to pull the mattress out of the rack, put them on a bed frame, put the mattress back, and then pull out the next mattress. In three years, I never sold the top mattress. Since installing the Select-A-Mat system, I now usually only sell the top two mattresses in the rack. The Select-A-Mat Mattress Display System paid for itself in only a matter of months." --Eddie Bergmann, Owner, Bergmann's

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